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All subscriptions are billed on an annual basis. Cancellations take effect at the next annual billing period. For example, if a user cancels after six months, they will still have access for the next six months, at the end of which their subscription will not be renewed. No refund will be issued for cancellations.

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The total monetary value of the enforcement action is derived from the enforcement documents filed or otherwise produced by the DOJ or SEC or both. The Settlement includes all criminal and civil penalties imposed on the highest-level entity and all related entities named in the enforcement action documents, as well as special assessments, forfeiture, disgorgement, and prejudgment interest, without regard to where the DOJ and / or SEC said the money would or could be paid. A more detailed explanation is here.

In the case of Odebrecht’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act settlement, it wasn’t clear where on the list it should appear so we left it off.

Here’s why. In 2016 the DOJ assessed total criminal penalties against Odebrecht of $2.6 billion, with ten percent of that payable in the United States and the rest payable to authorities in Brazil and Switzerland. Soon after the FCPA resolution, Odebrecht said its ability to pay had been impaired because of lost business. The DOJ then reduced the U.S. share of the criminal penalties down from $260 million to $93 million. After that, however, Odebrecht declared bankruptcy, throwing into doubt how much of the global criminal penalties, if any, the company will pay in any country.

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No. There are no study guides. Explanations are provided for incorrect answers at the end of each exam, and exams can be retaken as many times as you would like. Taking the exams is part of the learning process to reinforce learning in a highly effective way. Jump in! 

Yes, members can retake the Certification Exams as many times as they would like. Explanations are provided for incorrect answers at the end of each exam.

Yes, all exam scores and answers are private. 

After achieving a passing score, a download link will be available on your FCPA Blog+ Dashboard.

You can download the certification as many times as you’d like. 

Each user account is for individual access, and the certification is linked to your account. That is how we can provide the Certificate of Achievement for individuals.  If you would like to have members of your team certified, please have them each sign up for an account and complete the Certification Exam.

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Navigate to Account –> Subscription and click “Sub Accounts”

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Yes, each user in corporate accounts has full access to FCPA Blog+. 

No, all exam scores and answers are private to individual users. 

Yes, if you upgrade you billing will be prorated for the first year.